Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sixth Session...Portrait of my Wife...28"x 22" oil

Tonight brought the painting much nearer to a finish, and
perhaps my most radical additions or alterations thus far. In truth...the painting was bothering me a bit with what felt too classic and stagnant as a background, and so I interjected some brushwork, color and value to what I think excites the painting more...pulls her into the environment and unifies the work. By making the background lighter nearer to her right eye, I was able to darken the hair and hat to create more depth illusion, well...IMO... Worked more on the hair, the shoulder and arm. Still think I have some work to do on the hair, but it needs (with the help of my copal medium) to tack up and dry some.

A closeup...and as always, clicking on the images brings up a larger image view...

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