Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Granddaughter Ava Dawn...to complete the set (for now)

With the painting of my first grand daughter Isabeau
and now my wife's portrait completed, its time to turn
attention to the younger grand daughter, Ava Dawn Seiler

The method begins much the same, as an alla prima effort
in one session...and then the portrait scraped out the
next morning, leaving a film residue, very nice flesh
qualities slowly built up layer by layer.

I started by blocking in a midvalue flesh tone for the
face/flesh...then mixed up lights and darks painting
directly into the wet midvalue. Sargent used this method
and described painting the eyes a bit like drop a poached
egg into its socket. The eyes very naturally emerge
using this procedure.

blocking in...midvalues-

and the alla prima finish to the first session...
rendering form with color and values-

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Mick Carney said...

Thanks for the exposition of your process once again.