Monday, November 09, 2009

24"x 48" gesso experiment, paint like a Gouache!

Well...I've been playing with gouache of late and the
medium has been feeling very comfortable. My approach is
much like I paint oils...but I've been pushing my oils for
a certain/particular look or direction which I think the
gouache studies might actually help.

I started a 24"x 48" oil tonight, and never have I painted
oils on a black ground or gesso. A friend of mine (Connie)
uses it often for her acrylic paintings, and has offered.
Since I've played with gouache now on color supports
including black, I decided heck...why not!

Here was my start tonight...a closeup to follow...

Ran out of titanium and flake white, need to make an order
but, found some zinc white so will give that a go!

Here is the painting after a bit of work today...progressing
with oils, but very much like the gouache...

Scroll down to October 12th...and you can see the gouache
study this large one is now based on. Clicking on the
images brings up a larger view.


SEILER said...

Interesting . . . . cool look to this.

Jeff (trout bum) said...

I like it! What ype of black paper are you using?

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jeff...well, the gouache pieces I did in black was on some 300 lb black drawing paper I bought at Michael's Arts & Craft, and cut up...

this is black gesso primed on a 24"x 48" MDF board, sealed first with polycrylic...

Its different coming from me I imagine, as I advocate for the most part not painting with black unless I'm doing a Zorn palette...and how color tones can excite color. Just how much of the black I allow in the end to show thru will be interesting first to myself if anyone else! ;)


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jason..appreciate you're lookin' in...

this is kinda different ain't it!