Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First day in Classroom...and a bit of end of day Paint Therapy!

10"x 8" oil on pumice panel

Got home from first day back in the classroom teaching,
went well I suppose really for first day, but I was aching
to get out and paint when I got home! So, got the grill
started for my wife, Debbie...then grabbed my gear.

My aim was to shoot for the absolute last light and time
allotted to paint, so as to push for the essentials in the
painting and refrain from overworking, which I think I've
been guilty of doing lately. I was pretty pleased overall.

Original is available to purchase...(Contact me...)


Kath Schifano said...

I spent yesterday teaching teachers how to use the Castellani Art museum with their curriculum, it was fun, had variety, yadayada.....but when it was all over I realized I had just enough time left in my day to squeeze a few tubes!
I was with you as a comrade in paint. The joy of the Niagara River, brushes & a blank canvas-but not for long.
Enjoy the Fall!!

Larry said...

Hey Kath..sounds like you have an enviable occupation with the museum!

I sometimes wonder...the possible therapeutic aspect of painting, say if your work, your day were to require orchestrating levels to achieve excellence met by a constant resistence to change, of if your purpose is to affect an ordering...and you just have a rough bumpy time of it.

Perhaps the canvas becomes a place you have some say over the matter. You couldn't bring order to the day, but you can yet find satisfaction to have brought order to a canvas, and thus added something beautiful if anything, at least to your own private world and sanity!

I've thought about that. There are some days that offer such resistence to embrace a more excellent way...and I find those days especially, the urge to get out...away, and paint perhaps the strongest!

Its amazing, the brush held and piles of pigments laid out how good it feels to have a work come together.

Jason Seiler said...

This is great looking Dad!

Larry said...

Thanks Jason...