Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rat River Plein Camp 5

9"x 12" oil on pumice board
I was in the finishing stages of this plein air tonight when
my son Jason called from Chicago, and I told him I must
have used a bit more pumice in the ground on this one as
the paint was tacking up quite some regards it
was like I was painting with pastel or something.

Not a complaint, just a different drag to the paint.

I also set my palette up with a split-complementary palette,
blue-green my dominant, orange plus red...and white.

Was a lovely night to be painting, and try to restore some
self-dignity after not the best day strikin' balls on the links.


Mick Carney said...

Lovely detail in this PA with rich range of colour and textures. I particularly like your reflections, the little bit of sky through the trees and its image on the water add a depth of truth to this painting.

Larry said...

thanks Mick...

it was a lovely evening, and moment by moment the scene was becoming aesthetically richer as the sunlight worked its way lower and the day shortened...

what a treat!

Jason Seiler said...

Man, your paintings just get better and better and better! Awesome painting Dad!

Larry said...


thanks Jason...

Anonymous said...