Thursday, April 09, 2009

Study in Patterns and Texture...plein air oil painting

Had the get about, off and alone, set up
and paint. Still a bit chilly here in northern
Wisconsin...but compared to painting outdoors in
winter it was quite lovely.

Stopped to check out a river passing over a forest
area bridge...and thought I'd lose myself studying
water movement...patterns, and textures of the
grasses. I believe I could do a half-dozen paintings
set up on the same place, same subject and it would
be insightful for me to vary a different approach,
palette strategy with each one. Nature surrenders
a bit of intimacy and understanding doing such, and
one's sense of painting directions builds the gut

Below you see a reference picture I took on location,
and then I toned my board a reddish-orange, then began
by putting down some marks of the dark reflections and
deep water bottom...

As always, clicking on an image brings up a larger picture
to view.


Mick Carney said...

Thanks for the pictures. The exercise is one that I should do more often as a way to developing both my observation and rendering of the landscape.

Helen Read said...

Thanks, Larry. I love what you have done - and understand the "itch" to get outside after a long, cold winter! Wishing you a Happy Easter!