Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I'm up to Musically...

As if a room filled with art supplies, panels to paint on,
every storage space packed with framed paintings isn't
enough...imagine being a long time musician as well!
Amps, guitars, sound systems with main speakers,
cables, floor pedals, mic stands...on and on.

Many folks understand that artists are very often
musicians as well...and vice versa. There is a deeper
appreciation & understanding too I think for that which
is held in common...such as rhythm. Rhythm as in
tapping and strumming the guitar, rhythm as in color
notes and brushwork in painting.

A big one for my teaching of painting has been the
idea that less is more, focusing in on the one or two
essentials that the viewer will have no confusion for
understanding what grabbed the artist by the jugular
and said, "paint me!" I use a cliche to better explain,
"where everything is shouting nothing gets heard!"

A principle most important once again for both
music and visual arts.

So...thought I'd catch up with friends here, curious
what I've been doing musically...and put together a
short casual setting video of my discovering of late
the employment of Kyser short capos to my acoustic

There is a little known link on my website that
will bring up some past history on my music play
over the years, some CD's available...click here to
check that out if interested.

While my past is more rock and blues, for the past
several years the acoustic has taken my interest
working with capos and fingerstyle, and here are
two of the three CD project I've been working on,
the last will be called, "Wandering No More"

So...now you know a bit more about me as an

Coming back a few days later now, and tonight
having been inspired early today...I spent time in
the recording studio and put those last riffs I
demonstrated in the video above to use, writing
and producing the song "In the Presence of the
New Day" .
In the Presence of the New Day

Has a bit different arrangment and sound, but
finding a hook leads to creative possibilities.
I really like this new one, and it has my former
band "Beggar's Joy" all over it. I know they
would love it!


René PleinAir. said...

Sorry Larry, your link doesn't work.
It should be:

> Available Cd's <

Take care.

Jason Seiler said...

Cool dad!

Larry said...

sorry Rene, a bit confused, not sure which link isn't working? the "click here" in the text is the link that brings up my music background and there on the music background homepage is a link to CD's available...

I didn't make the images of the CD's a hyper link. Just a typical jpg image that brings up a larger image...is that what you mean? Should have made the images a link? Guess I'm not trying hard enough to market my music...hahaaa...but, I don't make my art easy to purchase either for that matter...

thanks for checking it out...

Thanks Jason, appreciated...the old man is startin' to look older too ain't he! Everything I do these days becomes nostalgia as soon as I've finished it! hahaa...oh well, enjoy every moment!

René PleinAir. said...

Hey now it's working, ... strange
yesterday evening it couldn't find the page. Anyway nice to see you play, your just as explaining as when painting. (funny)

Cool indeed, ...

Joe Kazimierczyk said...

Beautiful guitar playing, Larry. I've messed around on the guitar for years but never knew about the short capos. Thanks for the instruction, and for the beautiful music!

Larry said...

my pleasure, Joe...thanks for taking the time..

I'll bet artists playing music is more common than many might imagine