Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the Presence of the New Day...

Earlier this past week I posted a video on my other
creative side which has been a life engaged in writing,
playing, producing and performing musically. The last
riff I demonstrated with two capos led today with some
creative inspiration to a new song. Somewhat different
arrangements, but coming up with a hook lends itself
to various possibilities. Really pleased with it...and
my former band, "Beggar's Joy" would have had a lot
of fun with this one I'm sure...

Click on this link- In the Presence of the New Day"


James Parker said...

I just came over to your blog after watching your video on Sheila Tajima's blog.I first noticed your work from the Wisconsin fishing stamp some time back. I am a wildlife artist in Costa Rica and have admired your work and WL artists such as Van Kempen, Lingham, and others. Your work is exceptional and I invite you to stop in and check my beetles and my humor. I'd offer ya a cup of CR coffee if I could figure out how to attach it.

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks James, checked out your blog...very lovely work on beetles, good color and rendering, strong values...and of course the natural intrigue that comes of the unusual and varied species!!! Nice job!

thanks for stopping by and commenting!