Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2nd Session...Experiment with the Scrape Back...oil painting


Well...had to give semester finals to my art students
today, but really wanted to get a layer in, so stayed
a bit later tonight. Scraped back the initial midvalue
paint I laid in yesterday...yes, there was a film. Then
applied a new midvalue layer, and then began some
rendering with lights and highlights.

Here you see how that began in the pic above.

Rather than just drawing out where the eye and nose
are going to go...I block in value planes or masses
and begin to carve out where that other eye will go.

Here is the end of my session tonight...and sometime
tomorrow...I'll be scraping this off to see what film or
residue of pigment is left behind. With some rendering
tonight and painting in of the eye...I should have more
to photograph and share. The alla prima painter in
me is rebelling...but, I'm gonna give it a go...

Funny thing is...at this point I have one eye a bit
off on size, which in a way will make it easier for
me to scrape tomorrow! hahaa...

Clicking on the images will bring up a larger view
to inspect more closely...

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