Friday, December 12, 2008

Sometimes it hurts...but,

Well...I've never been completely fully happy
with my likeness of Tim. Pretty close considering
my reference was a 72dpi pixelated image from an
online site. I am very happy I was able to get
a couple decent photos from Tim's younger
daughter Micheala...and scanned it in at 600dpi...

I know Sargent was known frequently to be dissatisfied
with the progress of his painted faces, and would
routinely scrape them off.

Being that this is oil...I cannot really make the
changes with paint layered and yet in somewhat a
wet state, so...scrape it off I did. I'll post what
I paint to fix this..


René PleinAir. said...

... "NO FEAR!!! Its just, NO

Sorry to read this Larry, but on the other hand, if it isn't what you want it to be, better to change it then to be sorry for the rest of your live.

Larry said...

Exactly Rene!!!

My philosophy has always been that painting is a bit like the term of pregnancy. Force an early delivery and the work will have some deformity, some very apparent ilk. The proper caring thing to do is be patient and let the work come to full term.

My frustration right now is coming to terms of accepting other realities. After a 14 hour day yesterday, I made poor judgment again and saw I made the head a bit too large, giving Tim a dwarf appearance. Will have to scrape the head and face off today.

I had to face some reality that I might easily enough have put my 14-16 hour days in at 24 years of age, but at 54 I was much too much exhausted. Dang...age startin' to take its toll...

thanks Rene

Jason Seiler said...

That's looking really good Dad, really cool to see all of the process too!

Larry said...

thanks Jason...I glad you find interest in it...