Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Framed...Tim's Monster Whitetail

Wow...that was fast, my frame arrived shipped today,
and this should give some idea just how much a frame
can add to the look of a painting. Frames and putting
them on paintings is a bit like experiencing Christmas
for an artist! How fun...


tim said...

Larry, I was totlly blown away by this gift. It truly captures the experince of my hunt. This will always be treasured. Tim

Larry said...

So good to hear you are pleased with the painting, Tim...thanks for taking a moment to comment here. The kids on the BBteam that were students of mine were troopers too for not saying anything about it, and Mickey for helping me make my job a bit easier with better pics.

It was a fun one, and a pleasure to paint! And man...*whew, what a deer!
Congrads on that...and to Connor too!
Merry Christmas!