Thursday, November 13, 2008

More work on Mike tonight..."Take 'Em Boys!" bluebills

As the title says, spent a bit more time tonight
working on Mike's head, glove and sleeve and the
shotgun...and using the limited palette as I do
I think confidence comes to make most of what colors
you have on your palette. To paint bold, and I'm
learning I think more and more to add strokes of
color and watch them mix in the eye sitting as they
do on the painting. Here's progress and closeups,
and clicking on the images brings up larger views.


Jason Seiler said...

That's looking really nice Dad! Love the colors and mood in this piece!

Larry said...

Thanks Jason...heard from the editor of the Wisconsin Outdoor News...and I might be advertising and maybe doing a feature story on this. Would be very nice to get some attention doing this once again.

One artist let me know she finds people that shoot animals arrogant and disgusting, so I confessed to taking a personal day off today to arrogantly try and be disgusting. The rut is on...


Anonymous said...

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