Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Report on the Upper Michigan Painter's Workshop!

Back from Upper the process now of moving
to our new house we bought. Taking a moment to share
how this past weekend's workshop went. Much fun to say
the very least!!!! Such great weather to go along...and all
the participants were so delightful to work with!

Here are some pics of the workshops...the group first
painting, overlooking a bluff to the western shores of the
Presque Isle park of Marquette, Michigan. What a view!!!

Here, Connie hard at work...and look at her view! (all images
are clickable to see larger)

Fellow Wetcanvas'er and Acrylic forum guide, Linee also
hard at work...

and their view up close-

Another lovely view in Marquette, Michigan...

I did a number of paintings and demos...and will add those
but here are a couple...the first was a thrust in not fearing
to experiment, not to worry that every painting must define
who you are as an artist...

I know from experience that a reddish-orange undertone would
easily produce this painting, but what of a bluish undertone?
One can sense so much blue in squinting the eyes of the scene,
and could color vibration with hints of blue coming thru be
manipulated to work? So...putting fear behind...nothing lost
making the attempt!

This one is 9"x 12" oil...

The next day...I sat on a very hot cement walk way so the
artists could stand behind and watch, and painted a casein
sketch. Many mediums were represented by the workshop
participants- watercolor, pastel, oils, acrylics...and the
emphasis was on composition, care to represent values well...
and so forth.

Here then above, my casein sketch...and I had to quit before
my satisfaction at its finishing, as I was dying in the heat
sitting there upon the cement, but enough of a demo that the
properties and capabilities of casein were understood.

Both these two demos were then given to participating workshop
artists at the draw of names from a hat. My way of gratis for
their participation, and my delight...

When I take pics of my other demos, the warm undertone pieces,
I will upload them here in my blog as well...but to end here,
take a look at this sunset in Marquette, from "Sunset Point" of


Ryan Evans said...

Looks like you had a great group painting experience. Thats a noce sunset pic too!


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Ryan...was much fun and inspiring. Painting in northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan always strikes me that way.

take care