Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sherman Tank Plein Air Oil Painting

Well...was in the mood for something completely
different today. Parked near a park in the small
town of Wabeno here in NE Wisconsin, and sat
on the grass for an intriguing view of this WWII
vintage tank. Guess is fitting for tomorrow too...
celebrating the 4th of July...

I found a couple things a challenge, one sitting
on my derrier for near 1-1/2 hours...and all the
wonderful collage of color I was seeing from
indirect light from the sky.

I used a split-complementary palette...after
squinting my eyes and determining a dominant
color...which was bluish-green...and then my two
other pigments were red and orange, plus white.

Always intrigues me what can be done with such
a limited palette...

As always, clicking on the image brings up a nice
larger view.


Jason Seiler said...

This is really cool Dad!

Larry Seiler said...


It was fun...