Wednesday, July 09, 2008

M60 A3 Desert Storm Class Tank..Plein Air oil painting

9"x 12" oil on pumice panel
(click on image to see larger view)

Had a lot of fun wife and I spent a bit
of time in a park in nearby Crandon, here in NE
Wisconsin...and they have a nice town park with a
Howitzer, and this Desert Storm Class tank, put into
production in 1960... me, the irony of so much color and visual
excitement in a subject used to resolve great human inflict much damage.

The lighting tonight was very spotty...requiring my
mind's eye to put to memory those moments where
sun poked thru clouds. Sticking to the idea or
concept. I really loved the indirect light of blues in
the foreground shadow...where sky color above
played into it...the pinks, yellows in the ground.

Just a heck of a lot of fun!!!

As very limited color palette...of Daniel
Greene Fr Ult Blue, Shiva Cadmium Lemon Yellow,
Shiva deep red, Shiva Naples yellow, white and
viridian. I've been testing out as you can probably
tell Shiva brand oils, as well as their caseins, and
thus far quite happy with the results. Not sure
any Fr Ultramarine Blue thus far is as rich or dark
as my regular Utrecht brand. Good though, just
not as dark.
Shiva Naples Yellow


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