Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reminder...Plein Air Workshop Aug 2-3rd Marquette, Michigan!

Just want to bring up once more that the workshop this
beginning August still has some room for students, and
is for one weekend only. A most beautiful area with great
natural settings to inspire painting.

Here an idea of some of the area's offerings...places I have
painted at a good number of times, and will be visiting
shortly in a less than a couple weeks-

All information on what will be taught, fees and so forth
can be found on my regular artist's website, the Workshop

Click on the image above showing the Marquette
area locations to see a much nicer, larger view!


Lindsay said...

Larry I just wanted to tell you that I bought your PDF book several years ago and love it. At the time I was just beginning to paint in oil pastels and appreciated all the details you outlined in this very complete text. Your illustrations are very clear and the paintings strong and beautiful.

Now that I've been painting for a bit more, I'm understanding different things this time through.

I'll be out of town in August but I'll be looking out for any other opportunities to study with you.

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Lindsay...
for those with more experience, say that advance beyond my first book...I have strategies I've learned even over the past three years from studying the writings, the teachings and then putting into practice that from Edgar Payne and Emile Gruppe...

Taking the limited palette to a whole other level. As I can find time and commitment, I'm working on another book right now...a physical one...softcover, "Learning to Paint Painterly Realism" and it will include more palette strategies, color...brushwork.

Nice you stopped by, left a note. I appreciate hearing how folks using that book not only found the material in it to be helpful, but where they are at now...

thanks much... perhaps we'll hook up sometime at a workshop down the road!