Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last Last Light Mill Pond Plein Air Oil Painting

9"x 12" oil...(click on image to see larger)

There are some paintings on location that perhaps
ought not even be entertained to try. That is, unless
the artist is not afraid of failure, intrigued instead by
what chances of good fortune one might fall upon
learning something more about painting, about
nature's light.

I seem to be a glutton for punishment, today
dodging winds, storm and gale, rain...with bouts of
break thru the clouds sunlight. At about 7:30 pm
my light, my break finally came. Greatly intrigued
by the cloud activity...the color.

My artist/son Jason called about I was
applying finishing touches. I had no idea what time
it was until he told me. Wow...really pushing the

I used a bit of turquoise blue tonight with my
French Ultramarine blue...I guess just to see what
I might. I might have painted the upper right corner
a bit strong, dark...but that too is part of the risk
going right up into last light. I do believe I rather
like this painting however....what say you?


Barbsgarden said...

I like the colors used on this one. More dramatic and bold.

Anonymous said...

i like it

Ryan Evans said...

Love the light hitting the trees in the middle distance


Larry Seiler said...

thanks everyone...much appreciated. Good to hear when a work resounds with others!!! 8^)