Sunday, May 25, 2008

Michigan Creek plein air 9"x 12" oil...WIP (work in progress)

9"x 12" (click on image to see larger)

Was out yesterday, Saturday of the Memorial weekend...and
noted a lot of visitors to our northwoods. Who can blame them
after such a long winter, tough economy...and the promise of
some refreshing in the pristine environment!

I took on last light, as is my tendency...not quite yet finishing
this one, but will post the final work no dout sometime this
week when completed. It was a near backlit atmosphere,
hazing out the background somewhat...embueing a particular
softness for which this bright foliage stood out from. Quite

As an additional note, check out my new blog that posts my
version of a bargain bin, that in-house gallery sale
featuring work currently available greatly discounted.
I am calling this blog- Will Paint for Gas! and as you might
guess, my attempt at some humor by its title.

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