Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Casein...Red Underpainting... 6.25" x 10" on wood panel

...and, one more experiment or push...having been
assured by a conservator that no varnish or layer
of shellac is needed to paint oils over a casein

I painted a red value underpainting of this scene

I will then paint with oils to finish. We'll see how this works.

I'm not short of options for an underpainting really, since my
turps wash in of red would amount to the same, but it is an
experiment with caseins.

Many artists paint oils over an acrylic underpainting, and I am
always surprised that they have little concern that later you
very well could use a thumbnail and scrape the oil layer off!

A number of artists are unfamiliar with ways to have the
underpainting layer quick/ready to go having
a bit of pumice #FFFF in your gesso/prime ground to have a
more absorbant layer, two...a bit of a natural siccative in
your paint itself (like copal or liquin)...and use turps to wash
the color in.

Some artists are allergic to turps, so casein would make a
nice alternative. The only concern with casein would be to
have a rigid support because the paint is otherwise brittle.

I'll update the oil work when completed...

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Frank Gardner said...

Good idea. I like the block in.
Glad you showed the photo too. You can see how accurately you got the values.