Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A study of a Moose in Oils... 9"x 12"

Using a Zorn Palette...of red, black, yellow ocre and white..
I started a study of a wading, drinking bull moose today-

Working on this for my next book I am writing on learning
to paint painterly realism.

What is interesting is that aesthetically any stage or level of
finishing such a painting like this is possible. I could leave
the left side nearly as is...with a few sketched lines, bring to
a great refinement a focal point such as the head/eyes area
of the moose's head. I could paint the whole of the moose,
leaving it looser, more painterly brushwork...or refine one
area again, finish the whole of the moose more painterly,
and add a suggestive background.

It becomes all kind of fun to play with such, considering one's
options along the way. Will repost when finished...

Clicking on image reveals a nicer large image of the moose.


Jason Seiler said...

Looking great . . . I love this palette!

Jason Seiler said...

I got my copy of Edgar Payne's book today! Yah!

Frank Gardner said...

I like seeing the start on this one. You are right about the fun considering the options along the way in terms of finish and what to leave loose.
The Zorn palette is a real challenge. That was gonna be my next limited set to work with. I probably won't paint a moose though.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jason...and you'll live and paint by that book, I swear!!! A great one...glad you got it!

Thanks Frank...

well, not sure about where I took it today. Next post!