Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Thaw Mill Pond- Plein Air Oil Painting 8"x 10"

I can't work too long instudio before I start feeling
stifled, suffocating...and though I would have very
little time tonight, the sun, the temperatures were
so inviting I had to get out. In fact, once set up...in
all truth, I had only 25 minutes of paint time.

I chose one of the most exciting moments, and yet
quite challenging, that of the sun descending.
Near impossible to look at...but I have special UV
glasses I purchased that take some of the potential
damage out..

My brush flew...it was difficult to judge progress
with the glare...but for I'm quite happy with the
results actually...

I do hope you'll click on the image and see it larger
as the color, the brushwork is much more appreciable.


Jason Seiler said...

Wow, really nice!

Frank Gardner said...

Sweet piece Larry. It almost hurts my eyes to look into that sun.
Looks like that was all the time you needed.

JMahorney said...

Thumbs up from me too Larry! Hey what are the glasses for again? To protect your eyes?

Todd Harris said...

Really nice work here Larry, great job.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks everyone, much appreciated!!!

Yeah Jeff...I paint way more plein airs than perhaps I should staring off into the sun. For me, my trigger gets tripped more with back lighting, but heh...the brutal truth is then I'm looking directly toward the sun.

I had a pair of tri-focals made that had the best UV protection possible. Glasses are a relatively new thing for me too...that 50'ish age reading thing, but since I've heard more and more artists that paint outdoors having eye issues, I spoke to my optometrist about my painting, and we worked up the best possible answer in these glasses!

Frank Gardner said...

Tri focals eh? I love those contra jour - into the sun views too and the sun is a lot stronger here than there. My eyes have gotten worse lately. I'm affraid to get glasses and lose that "soft" touch. Maybe I should ask about those. They dont have a tint do they?

Asier said...

woa Larry impressive as usual...lots of interesting new stuff here since my last comments.

Larry Seiler said...

no tint...I didn't want anything that would interfere o affect color I'd be judging...
good luck with that Frank!

Thanks Asier...thanks for the drive-by!!! 8^)

James said...

It has been a while since your last into-the-sun painting posts. I love the shimmer you produce.

It is distressing when you think of all of the Impressionists with eye problems. Artists and musicians have to suffer for their work...