Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finished Winter Runoff Black Bear 8"x 10" oil

Well...as the title says, it is now finished. I also took
the photo outdoors in a bit better lighting, so color
may appear slightly different from the originals below.

I made a few darker accents, along the rock in the
nearer area where water lapping might make the rock
darker anyway, but the aesthetic painter's reason for
such is the anchor the darks of the bear so that its
very dark stark value does not appear foreign to the

Indeed a big black bear bruin with its rich velvety
black fur would appear astonishingly black up close
and personal. Anyone surprised by a bear in near
proximity will remember that about them!

I'm leaning at this time using this as a reference now
to start a much larger canvas...40"x 50" or larger.

I invite you to click on the image to see larger...and
thanks for looking!


Jason Seiler said...

This looks so great Dad, love the almost "design-like" quality of your background . . . I think you should do a larger version, this one is really sweet!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks for the vote of confidence, Jason..think I'll do just that! A larger version..


Bill Cramer said...

Looks great Larry! 40x50 would be awesome. I've had my share of bear encounters in the Sierras and San Bernardino mts in Calif. Mostly funny stories, but you gotta use caution when they're around for sure. Some of the bears I've seen is Calif. tend a little towards black/brown.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Bill, good hearing from you...

yep...bears are really something else, something to be admired and regarded with respect. I've seen those brown/black bears.

very cool...

Dean H. said...

Nice, Larry! I like how you handled the differences 'tween fore, mid, and background.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Dean...