Friday, April 11, 2008

Changes...and better I think... Moose Oil Painting

Well...advice I often give artists I realized was a pill
I needed to swallow myself today. Anytime something
doesn't quite feel right, 90% of the time its going to
be an issue related to values. Now, its not finished,
the oil needs to tack up so I can paint a bit more into
the fur and such, but its now feeling more to me like
its saying "big honkin bull moose!"

...and here a closeup...but, click on the image and
much larger view!


Frank Gardner said...

It is fun watching this one come along Larry. The value change worked.
The thing that was bothering me was the left back leg being up too high, but you fixed that.
Good use of that Zorn palette.

Jason Seiler said...

This is looking really great Dad, really makes me miss Alaska!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Frank...Jason..

no place like Alaska!