Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Thaw Canadian Goose- Oil Painting 8"x 10"

8"x 10" oil...

Started this one tonight...plan on making a step by step
YouTube video when finished. Having fun with the painterly
aspect of this one, the soft muted and yet wonderful hints
of color.

I'm using a photo I took down at the Green Bay Wildlife
Sanctuary a couple years ago when I and members of the
North East Wisconsin Plein Air group assembled to paint on
location. A bit of my old wildlife art days comin' out on
this one...

My support is 3/16's MHD board, sealed with polycrylic,
gessoed with #FFFFpumice powder added. A very nice
surface to receive paint.


Frank Gardner said...

Hi Larry, I just came across your blog. I look forward to seeing this demo video.
You have a lot of good stuff here. I like your style and I like the type of things you write about on your blog.
Very cool.
Thanks for that link. I am going to add you to mine.
I see that we share a lot of the same influences. It is godd to have found you.

Larry Seiler said...

Hey Frank...
appreciate your dropping a note..

Thanks also for a reciprocating link. Obviously I too found your work to my liking and recommendation.

My website gives my work a place to be presented more as a gallery, my workshops and such...which allows me to thing of my blog as a place to journal, share experiments...and pushes. I think where blogs perhaps might have their greatest asset for those that love the arts.

take care...I check work out frequently on my list, so I'll be around! 8^)