Monday, March 17, 2008

Profile...Anishabe- Native American- Klondike Days... 10"x 8" oil

Experimented a bit this afternoon...wanting something
a bit more classic...or old school. In fact, this is probably
in keeping with earlier forms of oil sketch portraits and
I used a Zorn palette. I did it in two stages, and use of
Garrett's copal allowed me to go from the monochroma
stage into the final the paint sets up quick, yet
all painted in about a two hour time frame...

I could have left it at the monochrome stage, and it
would have been lovely enough I think...

10"x 8" oil

After finishing the monochroma stage, I mixed up some
flesh tones...again sticking with the Zorn palette...and
then painted these colors directly into the tacky yet
somewhat wet first stage. The aim to maintain control
and not over color...

Enjoy a short step by step video of this painting start
to finish!

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thepowerguides said...

ended up pretty great I think


Jason Seiler said...

That's great Dad, I really like this look and style from you . . . I love how he's painted out of the backround!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Steve....Jason...

it was fun

Larry Seiler said...

Steve..just checked out your blog...I had no idea such a resource was available...and how cool to see I'm plugged into the art guide. Thank you...I need to ask, I'd like to link to your powerguide...would it be best I suppose to put the link to the art guide section?

appreciate all the information you have there. Will need to spend a bit more time...!