Friday, February 22, 2008

a Gallery Wrap landscape/upland bird oil Painting 18"x 24"

Bought some eight foot 2"x 2"s...bevel cut one side a slight
angle, and built a good number of various sized stretcher
frames. Thought I'd share some pics of the building of such
a canvas, and then a painting I started tonight...

here is one frame made and ready for canvas-

From a side view, you can see the bevel which I have slanted
toward the middle of the frame. By doing so, the canvas will
rest on the outter edge only, and painting will find no hard
inside rigid edge the brush bumps over leaving marks..

This one shows the backside of a canvas...

 is a landscape/wildlife art piece I started tonight...

and this side view shows how one option might be to continue the
painting right around the sides, top and bottom...and then hung
without a frame....

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