Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Winter Tree Turkeys- Oil Painting 40"x 50"

Well...I think after today, this baby is really pretty much about
done. A touch up of edges, some minor work in the midground
tree area...but, I already put my name to it, so...pretty happy
with where its at.

I believe it took me about the same amount of time to sketch
up my turkeys, (which I used to paint from) as the painting end
of it itself.

here's the sketches....and the paintings. Each image clicked on
will bring up a much larger image...

40"x 50" oil
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Jo Castillo said...

I would love to see the large piece. It looks great here. Nice when the painting just falls off the brush and goes smoothly, huh?

Jason Seiler said...

Dad, this looks REALLY cool, I like the Turkeys, and what I really like is that you've painted them in there softly, this is not a painting about "turkeys" it's a beautiful scene and Turkey's just happen to be there. Awesome painting.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jo...
these large ones and the time to complete them always feel like more is demanded...a wrestling (when indeed not necessarily so). It was a fun piece, but I should not complain. Perhaps about eight hours into the work of this size...and Lord knows 200 hours or more in the old day!

Thanks Jason...glad you picked on the painting and your take of the turkeys happening to be there. Sort of the same thing which can be said of the viewer that comes upon the work. Seeing the tree and the background doesn't necessarily cause the viewer to believe they just happen to be there (in the space...) as though a moment mattered, until they see the turkeys as well being in that same state of happen chance.

One artist at Wetcanvas described the feeling as though in walking toward the tree they suddenly saw the turkeys in the distance and that any moment they'll probably take off once seeing the viewer.


Pam Dallaire said...

Beautiful work as always Larry!

I can't wait for turkeys to make their way up here. They were originally re-introduced down south and now are only about 300 miles away.

I love your xmas dog portrait! I know how you feel about those xmas paintings, I did a Brittany Spaniel for xmas this year.

Keep those paintings coming. :)

Pam Dallaire

Larry Seiler said...

sure didn't seem to take long for the turkeys to advance and populate in Wisconsin. I've seen fields with 40 deer or more and 100 turkeys...

thanks Pam...I'll have to check your site out!