Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ruffed Grouse Project/Connor land- Winter Oil Plein Air

The thirties for temps today...which is a heat wave for
the northwoods, so had to set all projects aside to take
the paint box out. No excuses...

Drove to some land that has been set apart for habitat
cut and managed for ruffed grouse, land that belongs
to my daughter-in-law's grandfather. Nice stuff to
walk thru...and about a mile hike in found several views,
liking one in particular.

9"x 12" oil...(click image to see larger view)


Jason Seiler said...

Cool composition . . . . you're brave, been too cold for me to go out and paint . . . . I'll try to "man it up" and get out sometime!

Larry Seiler said...

man it up, eh?? hahaaa....

thanks was fun..

Jennifer Young said...

Beautiful work Larry. I won't bother with that "manning it up thing." Anything below 60 degrees is usually too cold for me ;-)

By the way, you have been tagged!

Larry Seiler said...

During the summer of 2006, Jason and I spent some quality time painting and enjoying the Juneau, Alaska area...
average temps in summer were 54 to 67 degrees...and that was my ideal