Friday, January 25, 2008

Brushwork Study- Oil Painting of Gooseberry Falls, MN

8"x 10" oil

I took an 8"x 10" panel...and I've been re-reading Emile Gruppe's
book on Brushwork this week...having obtained it through library

I've painted this falls, Gooseberry...from the northern and east
shores of Minnesota about two hours north of Duluth...plein air...
a couple years ago. I premixed my paint and pushed myself to
really make each stroke count.

Its not sweat wife wanted me to come home, help
with dinner...but, near enough finished I could leave without great
frustration. What needs focus now is treatment of edges. Those
that should be softer where one form/space meets another.

here's where its at right now...

click on the image to see it larger, and brushwork...

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