Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wiped off again...3rd restart..Northern Shovelers Oil Painting

Okay...after wiping the painting off the 2nd time I resolved
a different angle than pure profile....I referred to my sketchbooks
...and opted on this pose...

Having painted at a local wildlife refuge a number of times...I came
up with a background...keeping it simple thus far...and began
painting, this stage shows I'm blocking the ducks in now. Used a
charcoal vine stick to suggest where I wanted the ducks put in..

You can see I left the wings suggested only...the ducks are not
finished, nor is the background. We'll call this the first session
of the third repaint...

Now the thinking far to bring the wings, but...I am
much happier in my gut with this one. Works better for reasons
paintings work, IMO...better asymmetry, color rhythm and brush
stroke repetition, color temperature and value distribution...
yeah baby!

Feel free to click on the image to see a nicer...larger image!


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