Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Northern Shoveler- Waterfowl Oil Painting...suggesting movement

Well...as the title suggests, I'm attempting to work or figure
out how to suggest more movement. To paint a painterly
realism that ignores unrealistic detail. Ducks do not freeze
in the air like so many wildlife paintings show them, where
each feather can be counted.

I've painted landscapes a good many years now, before that
seventeen years as a wildlife artist with reputation. I am
finding myself more and more attracted back to painting
some wildlife, and how can I not living in a national forest
here in Northern Wisconsin? I wish to do so aside from the
pressure in the wildife art genre market that demands
unrealistic detail...and apply the same manner I approach
painting landscapes outdoors to my subjects.

Not finished yet...and will post the finished effort, but here
it is...a 9"x 12" oil-

I am happy with the color, the duck overall...but
have not yet hit on all cylinders in achieving the
movement I want. The artist Manfred Schatz, is
a master of such...though I'm not wanting to go
necessarily to the extent he does. I want to keep
the landscape an important element, and not a
foil for the wildlife subject, so my hint of motion
will be more that I think. A hint....

Oh...and as always, you are invited to click on the
image to see a much better/larger view...


Jo Castillo said...

I am liking the hint of movement. Very successful.

Dean H. said...

Hi, Larry. I know what ya mean about buyers' expectations in wildlife art...super detailed. There is real appeal to me to make a wildlife 'PAINTING'...by playing down unnecessary detail...highest contrast and color at the focal point, etc.

You are coming along fine with this one.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jo....and Dean...

I think you'll be surprised with the latest developments with this one