Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Heavy Squall Waves and Diver Ducks Oil Painting

Well...always seeking to learn something when I paint, rather
than just paint what I know, as if proving what you know
really means diddly squat anyway! Better to learn.

In this one...I'm trying to build up a heavy rough water
squall. It has those seas look, which I'm familiar with from
my stint in the ole Navy years ago...but it also has that nasty
Lake Michigan or Lake Superior danger to it, or even the shallow
bay of Green Bay, where near every year when I was younger and
hunted waterfowl...the waters took some hunters' life.

An average of four to five feet of depth, a sudden shift in
weather brought dangerous swells and waves.

Caught in just such a swell once myself, with a leaky cedar
skiff...I had all I could muster up to paddle out to an island
called Longtail Island on the bay of Green Bay, to empty my
skiff that had taken on too much water. Waiting and hoping
for winds and swells to subside. Not good if you're wearing
chest waders!

For this one...I began with a 6"x 9" panel...toned it with a brown
I mixed up and copal medium/turps. I then wiped out some
sense of a swell, and foam...

The next several images show the progressive steps of
building this intimidating waters...and I will share as this
comes along. My intentions being to add either Ruddy
ducks or perhaps Bluebills as they work their way in the
belly of the swells, wings just a going crazy!!!!

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