Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hen Woodduck Oil Painting...

This late afternoon was an experiment once more with
the Zorn palette...adding a bit more blue to the black
since an artist mentioned to me that the black Zorn used
in his day had more blue. Having not painted ducks as
much as in my earlier wildlife art career, thought I'd have
fun using the palette to play with the hen wood duck.

I did opt to use a bit of cobalt blue on the side for the
wing/feather colors...and the restraint of color throughout
much of the rest of the painting then would cause this
blue to feel even more irridescent.

What a pretty little lady this duck was...

4"x 6" oil

I may paint a few more ducks in days to come, as a
number of folks (including my wife) have been pushing
me to perhaps enter some duck stamp competitions
again. Maybe work to aim at the Federal Duck Stamp
...felt a little rusty today, but it was fun using this palette
and the control for softness I had. Softness, is the one
detail of a bird or fowl that has to come across more so
than any other detail. Something I think quite a few
artists don't give nearly the consideration they should.


Marty Phillips said...

Ahhhh. LOve those Wood ducks! I love all your paintings! Your play with light and color and your soft touch is amazing. Marty (at JPUSA)

Larry Seiler said...

Hey Marty...
thanks, much appreciated...

I was in a control & enjoy the subtle neutrals of nature mood when I painted this pretty little lady.

Nature always reminds us of its grand intended order, design, and how greatly we are loved...