Thursday, September 13, 2007

2nd Attempt...Bato influenced...a Bear

Well, not there yet...but gettin' there. Not fully happy with
the water. For one, I'm known pretty much for how I paint
water...but there is no fussin' in Bato's method, and I can't
seem to shake the need to fuss. To not fuss, and yet get
the essence of it. Think this will drive me crazy!!! Might
have to change the name of my blog to "Artist Gone Mad!"

But, I did get I think a pulse on what Bato is doing now.
I had to pay attention to his color, and then it hit me. It
seems most of his paintings are based on an analogous
color scheme palette. That is...he has about three colors
that are neighbor colors, then uses the complement of that
plus black and white.

So, while not quite happy with the water totally (I'll work
with it till I like it better), I think I'm getting something
here. I chose several their tinted form, violet
blue to a slight greenish/blue with a pastel or tinted form
of yellow-orange or pinkish orange. Check out Bato's work
yourself, see if you might not agree...many are analogous
in color.

This one, 8"x 10"...and not quite yet finished...but interesting
enough to share and report progress...and you must, you
simply must click on this one to see larger. The color and
brushwork will impress you totally different and you will see
more what I was doing!!!


Jason Seiler said...

I love the colors Dad, really cool! Are you only using larger brushes?

Larry Seiler said...

trying to use as large a brush as possible...but, I should be trying to push myself to use larger still.

Well...let's put it this way, I'm using the larger brushes I have. I might have to buy new ones.

I think I'll try a different subject next...and all for fun and understanding. Not sure where this will take me...

Lori McNamara said...

I like both your bears, I like Bato's work a lot too. These last two bears merge into the landscape perfect, you don't need to pick at them any more. I am finding if I have a time limit I paint looser, I don't know if that would work for you too.

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Lori..

I'll affirm your looser painting attribution to limited time, by saying I used to put 200 to 300 hours into each painting during the first 17 years of my painting career.

Then when I started painting plein air, well...the elusive nature of light, or way it suddenly exits or changes forces the hand to paint economically, efficiently, less is more and so forth. I usually always paint with a feeling my time is limited. Yes, it does work for me...but I have no other choice usually.

take care

Tim Bye said...

Larry you inspire me sir - I love your continuous quest to learn more and apply this knowledge! super