Monday, July 30, 2007

My Paintings of the Door County Plein Air Festival...!

NOTE- all images clicked on will reveal a much larger and
enjoyable view!

"Death's Door" (northern tip of the county peninsula)
12"x 18" oil

This turned out to be an excellent event, very successful
for a good number of artists. Absolutely appreciated the
efforts, planning, and graciousness of the Peninsula Art
School staff and sponsors. Very well promoted and
advertised, and the whole county wherever I traveled
seemed to be aware of the event. Much energy and
anticipation of the week's end and all the work that the
thirty-seven invited and participating artists would
produce and be hung for viewing.

I took time to put together a lengthy exhaustive thread
reporting the results of the event, pics of new and old
artist friends, the Peninsula Art School and exhibition
hall as well as courtyard, so won't labor to repeat that
here...but will invite you to Click Here and enjoy!

I will post most of my works done, but unfortunately
did not take a picture of my Quick Time event painting
before it was sold.

"Silent Vigilance"
11"x 14" oil

"Weborg Point- Fish Creek"
12"x 16" oil

"De Soto"
11"x 14" oil

"Door Bluff Highlands"
16"x 20" oil

"Lindahl Barn"
11"x 14" oil

"Rowley's Bay"
10"x 20" oil

(just a note that I painted a 12"x 12" oil during the
Quick Paint Saturday morning which sold, but will have
to work to get a picture of that as it went before I thought
to photograph it...)

Several of these works are still hanging in exhibition at the
Peninsula Art School, and can be inquired about if you
might be possibly interested in purchasing.


Jason Seiler said...

Whoa Dad, you kicked some serious butt! Love the Car and the Barn . . . all amazing!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jason...
there were some very fine works hung by many very good artists. Was a privilege to be a part of this, painting and showing with them...

exhausting...but much much fun!
Check out the Wetcanvas link if you have the time!
love ya

Muffin said...

oh I love that last one! I always liked those kind of scenes, I think it was because Moses' story was one of my favourite as a kid. I couldnt help myself but go look for baskets with babies in them. :) I also really like how light and faded the background is, - the water is really, really nice.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Muffin..
one of those scenes where nothing is required with decision seems. As if the painting paints itself. Was a beautiful day!