Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Plein Air Oil Painting- Dock on Lake Metonga

9"x 12" oil

Had a good day, delivering a 40"x 50" oil canvas
painting of a waterfalls to a restaurant to be hung,
was booked to perform a gig (acoustic) there this
Sunday afternoon and a good number of nights
throughout the rest of this year. Then, went out
the back of the restaurant and set up my portable
easel to take on this dock in the glare of a late

The wind was quite rough, and I placed about a
ten pound rock in the tripod to keep it from
blowing over. Used a reddish-orange undertone
for color vibration...and painted quite boldly in
lieu of the water action. Had a lot of fun with this

this now on sale on my "Will Paint for Gas!" blog
see link above!


Stephanie N. said...

hhhmmm... must be a slow selling season - all the better for me :) 'tho my heart really is with the juneau bear, i'm happy to be the top bidder on the three small works shown - i love your work - and all the help you give to us aspiring artists - good luck with your on-line venture - i'm doing my part to help - oh the hardships of (potentially) owning original art!! stephanie

Larry Seiler said...

Hey..thanks Stephanie...appreciate your interests in the work.

well...first off...they were a joy for me to paint, and it makes little sense not blessing others by hoarding and stacking pieces in my art room. I also realize that perhaps it will take sacrificing a number of them as goes their worth and value to try and make some presence.

I have tried a number of times to do the eBay thing, and get discouraged...but then I see again and again a number of peers whose works are not so much different nor better than my own doing quite well. Their advice is near always the same... to hang in there, be willing to let work be seen and thus also go on auction until a following there develops.

I was doing quite well just off my own blogspot with the original Daily Painter's blog a year ago, and I lost touch when the splits and different directions took place. Just now getting back into it, and will take time I suppose to recover the interests of those that looked at my work a bit more often.

The works you bid on are pieces I myself like...and their gallery pricing would be $400 on, I believe or hope you'll be happy with them, providing no one else outbids you...and I'm quite happy a fellow artist is a home they will be heading for! An eye...for an eye... 8^)

I may be putting a bear up in the near future...we'll see...

Anonymous said...

Larry - sounds like one fantastic day, in my book. Any one of those events would be a highlight. Love the choppy movement you have captured in this one. Thanks for the never ending energy you possess.

Larry Seiler said...

appreciated, Robin...thanks...but I think its because we know the "never ending energy" will come one day to a screeching halt, that we seize the day with what we have and while we can! Carpe Diem!!!