Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oil Painting- Alaskan Seining Fishing Boat...

5"x 7" oil


I have decided to begin making available some of my smaller
paintings, studies and such for bidding on eBay, to support
my travel interests for the purposes of painting. Folks will
have opportunity to help support my painting habits, and
purchase what I hope you'll agree are some nice paintings at
a considerable bargain price. Enjoy!


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Larry,
Hey, another nice one of a cool fishing boat headed out for some ice cold fun! The whales are awesome too.

I wanted to thank you for posting your tutorial on WC for making your own canvas covered panels. I've wanted to try that for a while now and when I saw your tutorial I decided to quit putting it off and go for it....being out of canvas was also a consideration! hahaha. I've got the first coat of gesso drying on 2 panels right now. Thanks for the info and posting the images, they really helped a lot.

Larry Seiler said...

Hey Ron..
thanks for taking time to comment. Not sure I've got anything figured out on the eBay thing..but I guess such takes time. These were fun ones to paint though, and I definitely want to go back to Alaska to experience it and paint more.

Glad to hear the canvases are working out for you. A simple solution, that works.

The Truth said...

That is one beautiful oil painting! I just got one of a Sevylor boat for my dad. Even though some people don't see those as real boats they're awesome. And making it into artwork is even better!