Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finished...Beefed Up Values...whitetail buck oil

8"x 10"

not much time today...but wanted to add a bit more to the
background and bring this to a finishing...

here a couple closeups...

as an extra, went out jogging last night, and I tend to run
on off the beaten path, trails that lead into forests and such,
and came upon and startled a young wolf. I guessed the
wolf to be perhaps about seven or eight months of age. Only
my second time in the wild to come upon a wolf, the last
being a larger black wolf in NW Wisconsin two falls ago.


René said...

You shouldn't run and scare all those wild animals. Instead you better paint this kind of marvelous paintings, .... not to mention golfing, what where you thinking!?!

Keep up the great work Larry.

Larry Seiler said...

golfing sure did take up a lot of paint'n time this spring, no question. Life is fun though, and the zeal to live it I think comes thru in paint. Can't remember the last time I was ever bored!

thanks Rene...

Jo Castillo said...

Good thing it was a wolf pup and not an upset mama bear! Nice painting. I too, think golf is good for the brain. Takes your mind off all the problems, similar to being in the zone painting.


Larry Seiler said...

I'm a competitor, and I like golf because it demands full focus of myself. Love the thinking part of the game...and played in such lovely settings.

thanks Jo...this was a fun one to paint, and little by little I'm gearin' myself up to paint more wildlife with the kind of style and backgrounds suited to my developing manner of painting.

jim said...

I am so ready for the hunting season. Everytime I drive to work I see deer on the side of the road and it makes me go nuts!

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