Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring Wetlands of Mill Pond...landscape oil

9"x 12" oil

Had a rare opportunity, and that was to return
to the same location to paint TWO days in a row!
With our weather fronts (Cananda from the north;
Lake Michigan to the east, and Lake Superior to
the immediate north) we have developed a saying
in Wisconsin..."if you don't like the weather,
wait around for fifteen minutes!"

So...most my paintings by nature outdoors are
alla prima, which means to start and finish in
one session. has been very dry. We need
rain very badly...and it could happen tonight.
Or so we hope. At any rate...the dryness and sun
two days in a row meant I would get a chance to do
more and bring this to the state I wanted it to.

This work now on sale on my "Will Paint for Gas!"
blog...follow link above.


Jason Seiler said...

That is pretty awesome Dad, I love it! The texture is fantastic, one of my favorites for sure!!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jason...glad you liked it...
wish I had the good fortune of painting a couple days set up...but the light here has other things in mind typically...