Monday, April 02, 2007

Out of Time...Last Light River...

Heard we're supposed to have a major drop of
temperatures and snow starting sometime tomorrow,
so had to take advantage of tonight's light, but wish
I had set up about a half-hour earlier. Used the
neutral mud block-in approach...about a midgray
value to lay in major masses, then added darks and
lights with color to build. A fast on location method, tonight would prove...not quite fast enough.

I'll have to play with this and finish it in-studio...

9"x 12" oil

A local warden stopped by in full uniform while I was
painting, and was I needed references
for a painting commissioned for the State Department
of Natural Resources Wardens annual convention
coming up...
So, this accounted too for my running out of time.
I had the warden pose with his binoculars against a
tree as if watching someone possibly violating. I took
a number of pics...but here's one...because, YOU JUST


Jeane Nevarez said...

The color of light on those trees is beautiful.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jeane...