Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Took a FIRST competition

My wife called me just awhile ago to let me know that
this painting of Strong Falls completed just a few weeks
ago has taken a first place in the northern midwest
regional competition sponsored by the Veteran's
Administrations Hospitals for Disabled Veterans, and
now is entered in the national competition to be held
this summer in Missouri.

I consider it a privilege to represent disabled veterans
and I believe that waterfalls are that consumate call for
healing, the transcendent...pointing to that which we
hope for all of mankind- peace and tranquility.

I'll have to build a shipping crate for this...which at
40"x 50" will be fun!!! haha..but, no regrets!


leverthood said...

Huge congrats, Larry!! Great job!

Jason Seiler said...

That is AWESOME DAD!!!!!!!!

Jo Castillo said...

Excellent!! Congratulations!