Friday, March 30, 2007

The thinking behind the Madness! haa..Fumee Falls studio, my mind has been absorbed with
possibilities. Possibilities that when I am painting outdoors
on location seem naturally to come on the fly and without

Working on this piece has been fun, and I've learned a
few things...but from the other night to last night, I gave a
more critical look at the composition and how I might take
the viewer's eye to work thru the piece a bit better.

Taking my painting from the other night, I have converted it
to grayscale and lightened it to show graphics for you...and
the eye basically enters from the lower left, goes up the falls,
but then goes where???

So, I decided I needed to bring warmth and lighter values
(read that.."attention" ) to the overhang rocks of the left
thus deepening shadows of the smaller part of the falls in
shadow, and leading the eye away slightly from the main, a graphic showing that thinking...and how I
believe the eye is not enabled to flow...

So, with that in mind here then is the work after last nights
adjustments, as well as a closeup of that area to see effects

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