Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last Light...Nippy Chill on the Rat River...

Took on a different approach tonight...for the
heck of it.

Something similar to pigment soup, choosing a
neutral to add to color...but with a flip side.

This time I mixed up a midvalue neutral...grayish
kinda mud. I used turps and copal and a large
brush and quickly put down the masses. Then I
mixed up a darker value and painted directly
into the neutral blockin...and then lighter values
and warmer colors and painted those. All wet
into wet...

I rather liked it...was fun, very manageable...
and seemed to help make the little time I had
very do-able

9"x 12" oil



Cara Dawn Romero said...

Hey - I like the quicker version of you. Great painting.

Bart said...

Great that you can use this different technique sort of spontaneously, and that you still produce a fine painting! Proofs (again) to me that you really understand painting.

Jason Seiler said...

Yeah, I'm finally convinced now . . . you can really paint, where did you go to school? Just kidding Dad! This is awesome, I love the mood, nice harmony and character to it!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Cara, Bart and Jason...appreciated for sure.

I think I will experimen with this some more.

I read one artist recommending something that has my curiosity to try. To take such a smaller plein air study as this...then paint it on a much larger canvas in studio referring to the study...but, then take the large canvas to the location and adjust/finish it there.

A way perhaps to do a much larger work efficiently with that touch of what one observes on location.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Love it!