Sunday, February 04, 2007

Update...DVD project on "Painting a Waterfalls in Oils"

My apologies for the silence on this blog
of late. An agreement with my participation
in the Daily-Painters group meant that posts
had to feature new works, which then upload
into their system automatically. I have
however, decided to step out of active
participation in that group to concentrate
on broader interests of my own, so once more
I have some freedom to use this blog as a
journal of my on-going development as a

I have been working the past few weeks on
producing my first dvd on painting, with the
painting of Strong Falls (post below) as the
instructional. I was nearing readiness to
add the audio tracks and be finished with the
project when the computer (doing what computers
do best) got moody and for inexplicable
reasons simply gobbled up, digested and sent
my project out to the byte graveyard. No
signs of it!!! Egads...what a kick in the
gut that was. I even have my cover design for
the dvd's jewel case ready for print.

Friends have suggested I should paint, walk
away for awhile, and I sure wanted to...but
my wife confirmed what I was thinking, which
was diving right back into this would take
advantage of fresh understanding, and I am
now half finished re-doing this video...and
believe it will be even better.

I will announce its availability when all

a close-up...of the main falls...


James said...

Argh! That is so frustrating. I figured you were having a struggle since the blog was quiet. Through my years as a software engineer, I saw various work go in the bit bin many times. (It always pays to back up as often as you can, but that is usually hindsight.) I also found that rework goes faster or better, so I hope your second try indeed goes well.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks James...
I managed to finish the video portion tonight...about five minutes before the Big Dance's kickoff.

So, just have the audio to do now.

Yeah...I did make a backup copy, but when I click on it...nothing happens at all. Don't understand iMovie and iDVD5 well enough to know is glitches. I did join the forum to talk with people in their a few ideas.

At any rate...I'll resave this project under a different name, now that its video portion is done.

One-hundred and nine clips to go thru...transitions,! Once per painting demonstration is certainly enough. Hope this never happens again where munch munch chew chew its gone.

I just stretched and primed a 40"x 50" canvas, cross cutting a two x four for stretcher frames. Will probably do a falls scene on it.

Putting this one together took about half the time.

take care...


Sam Nielson said...

Fantastic paintings here! I'm impressed with the color quality in your paintings. Such unlikely color combinations really make even the most mundane elements pop!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Sam...
I appreciate the good word...since
I use a limited palette and have been trying to exhaust the possibilities. The use of undertones and palette strategies has seemed to really stretch those possibilities out...

thanks again...