Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nutha Day on Strong Falls- Oil

Found a bit (though short) more time to
work on this for myself. This here and
there chance working is a bit new for me
of late. My methods are more alla prima
(all in one session)...but its been kind
of interesting pouring myself into
something a bit larger and demanding of

for your interest, here is a time lapse
YouTube video of this painting start to
finish. Enjoy!!!


Tim Bye said...

Looking Great! I love the yellows in the water! This is going to be a great series of paintings

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Tim...appreciate your time to check the work out, and comment! Shall be interesting to see how this series develops.

Anonymous said...

you have quite an eye Larry. To stop time with something so rapid is a gift. I love the sparkle of the water, and the reflections on each rock, whether in shadow or light. The colors are gorgeous within each rock as well.

The Epiphany Artist said...

I love the water! it is very luminous.