Friday, December 01, 2006

Landscape Painting- Waterfalls- split-comp #1

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5"x 7" oil

Reverting back to some Gruppe and
Payne color experiments, decided to
assign myself a split-complementary
palette to create a falls (fictitious)
and expect some excitement with color.

My colors were blue-green as the
dominant and orange and red as the
split complements. These three colors
then plus black and white become the
full and only palette.

I think as simple and somewhat abstract
as this little study is, the color proves
itself to be moody and exciting.

Additional note- It came up in discussion
in one of our Plein Air Forum threads at that preceeding the French
Impressionists were the little known
"Macchiaioli"...or the young Florence
painters that met at their cafes and shared
frustrations with the academies of their

Their methods were to set up outdoors and
groomed in traditions of Italy at that
time would apply flecks or spots of color
witnessed by the light over chiaroscuro.

That struck me as quite interesting for of
late my experiments have been reddish-brown
underpainting or tonings with my sense of
plein air light applied over the top. Seems
we inevitably in re-inventing ourselves are
touching upon that which has often already
been explored, and reminds me of that
proverb..."there is nothing new under the

Off to study more about the "Macchiaioli"


Pilan said...

Larry these are magnificent!! Your doing some fantastic fall scenes.

Larry Seiler said...

learning and growing, hopefully.."P"

thanks much!!! 8^)

appreciate your time checkin' things out...and commenting

Pilan said...

I have to tackle something this complex. YOu are inspiring me. Stay warm.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks "P"....