Saturday, December 09, 2006

Plein Air Winter Landscape- the Back Twenty

8"x 10" oil

Fingers are still unthawing as I type.
The sun was gorgeous and inviting; the
contrasts of winter alluring, but the
chill still there.

This is last light...which means you
have to push the paint pretty quick to
get a sense of the encounter down. Of
course, hard to ever do justice to this
elusive beauty nature adorns.

Used a limited palette over a reddish
undertone...yellow-orange the dominant
color with blue and violet as the split


jesukiran said...

Beautiful painting,...i love the Argonne Tree painting

Larry Seiler said...

thanks...much appreciated!! 8^)

Matt said...

Excellent work, Larry! The Waterfalls painting has amazing light.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks, Matt...much appreciated! Thanks for stoppin' by...!!! 8^)

Rajasekhar said...

Hi Larry,
Ur worrks r too good. I love to see ur book if its available in India. Can u pls tell me the name of the book?

Larry Seiler said...

thanks rajasekhar...
my main website (link in the link section) has a page on my current book.

I'm working on another right now..

I plan soon to make video clips available with downloadable crib notes, indepth explanations and additional photos.

Larry Seiler said...

oh...and yes, my CD Rom book from my website goes out any location of the planet I am aware of...

Judy Virostek said...

Hi Larry,

Are we going to see one of those evergreens with lights and Chrismas ornaments on them?

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) to you and your family and thank you for your inspiration!

May I start painting again in 2007 instead of just visiting everyones blogs!!!


Larry Seiler said...

hahaa...well, doubt I'll paint up something like that Judy...

blessings and well wishes gratefully received. Thanks so much, and same heart felt wishes for you and yours as well at this time.

thanks much!!!