Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oil Painting Stilllife- Retouch Varnish "Incidentals"

This work on sale, see my "Will Paint for Gas" blog link!

5"x 7" oil

This is a throw back to my incidentals
or mundane objects as stilllifes.

I set up a split-comp palette to begin,
which was yellow-orange as my dominant
and then violet and blue as my splits.
I began with controlled brushwork as a
more painterly approach, and at 78 brush
strokes decided it was time to then slip
into a gut hunch mode to bring to a


Jason Seiler said...

That is awesome, makes me sick! Hmmmm? My Christmas gift perhaps? Just kidding! Love it Dad.

Larry Seiler said...

funny boy...hahaha...
you need not feel ill in the least my talented lad!!! But, thanks...

René said...

Don't argue folks!! :-P

What is it:

A great smal work, or

A smal great work?

Larry Seiler said...

oops...caught us in one of our frequent spats!!! 8^)

thanks Rene..
I think this one turned out pretty good. Haven't done a simple object stilllife of late, and have seen some pretty good ones from the daily painters. Had to have a go at it once more...