Wednesday, October 11, 2006

wildlife art- Alaskan Brown Bear...series #2

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5"x 7" oil

Second brown bear in an ongoing series
of paintings of my impressions of my
Alaskan experience, and wildlife.

This is that time of late afternoon or
evening (the sun not setting till after
10pm or so), when the sky is filled with
the glow and glare of the sun. Walking
along you bathe in the glare, but then
the eyes have to adjust to see what's
just up ahead...then a bit of movement
confirms your greatest fear...


Jon Conkey said...

Larry, The first thing that comes to mind is, why didn't the bear eat you! Secondly, This is a great painting! JLC

Larry Seiler said... sure would honker down wouldn't cha Jon??? Hope the wind is going the right direction. Eyesight of these giants isn't all that good....but their sense of smell is unbelievable.

thanks much...appreciated!

marcobucci said...