Sunday, September 17, 2006

Three Plein Air oil Upper Michigan

Managed to get three gesturals done over
the weekend in upper Michigan...focusing
on simplicity, and essential effective
brushwork. Painted on location...I am
calling them "gesturals" because they are
attempts to paint quicker than quick,
going after a simple statement of mood
and the moment...

all 5"x 7" oil on panel

This last one, SOLD! (Moondeer & Friends Gallery)

in interested in the pricing of these pieces,
feel free to contact me until such time as
provide additional links for them...


Bart said...

O! Great pieces Larry - Think you're making very strong and lovely "quiker than quick" paintings at the moment.
I love the cool colours in combination with the reds, very....uhm.. "sophisticated"??

Axl T. Ernst said...

So how quick is quick anyway? - Curious

Larry Seiler said...

hi Axl...
well, my example 5"x 7"s below this one, done instudio as exercises took about 15 minutes each.

the outdoor pieces that I just uploaded in this posting roughly 40 minutes each. Ordinarily 1-1/2 to 3 hours I spend on a painting on location.

Its not the time, per se...that I am striving to improve on, but rather indicative of making essential immediate decisions as related to nature's mood, what elements are necessary to include, color that aptly relates to the feel or mood, and more importantly what NOT to paint.

Many novices painting from life outdoors discover that nature tends to throw a lot of lumber at them. They note many visual voices that were not at first part of their aesthetic compulsion...but think it astute and a sign of their good eye to thereafter include them. The mature painter learns to discriminate, and anticipates this excess lumber.

The more related to efficiency, a sign one has put attention where only most needed.

I am working hard on my brushwork...the ole alla prima axiom that says, "a brushtroke laid, is a brushstroke stayed"...where one more stroke than is needed is overkill, but one less than necessary leaves the work unfinished.

Of perhaps will never make that perfect painting with such control, but then again that is what makes wanting to do the next one even before finished with the one being painted beckon! Take care...thanks for your inquiry.

Larry Seiler said...

much appreciated Bart, thanks!!!